I'm born in 1978 and I had the opportunity to experience the great computer and technological revolution of the late 1900s.

Since I was a child, anything has affinity with electricity and electronics has attracted me and still does it. I like to remember that when I was a child I used to walk around the house with a power strip plugs, pulling it by the plug, instead of the classic train, like a normal cildren.

In the '90s I was active as Citizen's Bander, then in 2002 I got my B-class Amateur Radio license, taking advantage from my Electronics and Telecommunications high school diploma. I had also requested a call name, but I did not apply for a General Authorisation then causing the loss of this call name.

Since 2017 il mio call is IU1JVO. Now I'm active in all bands from HF to UHF!